Our story

We're a group of seasoned individuals that have, for the past several years, been a part of outsourced workforce to large US based companies. Working with a variety of clients ranging from a fresh startup to an established Fortune 500 company. Primary fields of work include Advertising operations, Digital marketing and Software engineering.Once the time felt right, we got together and decided to take the next big step — that's how Altnox was born.

With years of experience in this type of environment, there should be no problem with integrating with your in-house team. Our primary goal is to provide you with the best possible guidance and support in the field you need, and work on improving your workflow having a long term goal in mind.

To be the root of success for our clients by delivering a high quality service which ensures client satisfaction.

Being a synonym for quality.

Our team is young and with the experience of working with established companies, able to put in the work needed to get our clients there.

Once we've agreed on the service package that fits your needs, an action plan needs to be layout so both parties have a good understanding of the timetable. The client needs to approve the plan and request adjustments if they are needed, this ensures that priorities are set straight.

With the plan being approved it's time to put it in action. Our in-house time tracking tool we developed, helps us keep up with time management and it insures the work we put into the project is effective.

Because client satisfaction is one of our primary goals, we have to ensure that all the work we put into making their business succed is transparent. When we reach a milestone we send out a progress report, there are also monthly reports but the client can always request a special one as well.